Labor Relations

An Outstanding Experience

Since 1976 we have provided comprehensive representation to public and private sector employers who find themselves facing a potential Union organization, or whom already have an established organized workforce. From negotiating first contracts for new bargaining unit to representing employers in mediation and arbitration, The Wesley Group brings expertise to your table to help you achieve a postive agreement outcome and avoid costly mistakes.

*The Wesley Group Labor Relations Consulting division of TWGC does not respond to RFP’s. We will meet with your board, council, commission or governing body to answer any questions you have.


The answers you need


Union Organization Campaign

If your workforce has been targetd for organization by a Union, TWGC can assist in navigating the legal pitfalls, and help to address and manage the situation. Thus avoiding the Unfair Labor Practice charges often encountered by managment unaware of the process.


Collective Barganing Agreements – Contract Negotiation

Contract Negotiation is a process which sets the tone for ongoing working relationships of the employer and unit members. TWGC helps guide negotiations in a manner which balances the immediate needs and long term goals for the ultimate success of the Employer.


Mediation &
Arbitration Representation

When good-faith negotiations are not enough, we work with you to create a strategy and tactical plan to achieve an agreement while the terms are still in your hands. In the event of arbitration we offer full representation as well as team and arbitration preparation. For employers on a budget we allow some of the prep to be done “in-house” under our direction.


Contract Administration Management

After settlement: We assist in helping apply and interpreting the contract in real-time application, including:


  • Pre-term Hearing
  • Disciplinary Advisement
  • Language Clean-up
  • Contracting Out